Australian Business Datalist



Over 1.7 million records

  • Organisation name

  • Street address

  • Postal address

  • Region

  • Fixed phone

  • Mobile phone

  • Toll-free phone

  • Fax number

  • Email address

  • Website address

  • Number of employees

  • Date business commenced

  • Business classification

  • ANZSIC code and description


Over 1.7 million records

  • Everything in standard edition plus:

  • Contact names (400,000+)

  • Contact job descriptions

  • Head office/branch indicator

  • Enhanced email information

  • Social media information

  • (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter)

  • ABN details

  • Latitude/Longitude

  • Maplinks

Comes with 6-month free update subscription. Last updated August 2018.

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Note: not all fields contain information. See below for full details of what is in the database.

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  • 1,324,000+ Addresses

  • 1,177,000+ Fixed phone numbers

  • 432,040+ Mobile phone numbers

  • 163,000+ Freecall numbers

  • 176,000+ Fax numbers

  • 690,000+ Email addresses

  • 646,000+ Web addresses

  • 707,000+ Est. number of employees

  • 543,000+ Date business commenced


  • 350,000+ Contact names and job descriptions.

  • 385,000+ Head office/branch indicators

  • 537,000+ ABN details

  • 180,000+ Facebook addresses

  • 83,000+ Twitter addresses

  • 24,000+ Linkedin addresses

UNIQUE CONTACTS (both editions)*

  • 989,000+ Phone (Fixed)

  • 360,000+ Phone (Mobile)

  • 52,000+ Phone (Freecall)

  • 113,000+ Fax numbers

  • 423,000+ Email addresses

  • 342,000+ Web addresses

*Some records may share information.


The ultimate data for marketing to Australian businesses.

Accurate and targeted marketing data to grow your business.

Over 1.5 Million records with business names, addresses, phones, fax, emails, web addresses, social media details, Est. employee size, ABN details, Business classifications and geo-coding. All at an unbeatable price. Use the data as much as you want - Unlimited use and export*. Refer to database specifications for more details.

Looking for business prospects AND LEADS has never been easier.

No matter how many records you require the data is just one flat price. No additions or other fees or conditions.  You can use as much as you need, when you need it. You are able to create lists upon lists of prospective customers; mailing lists, tele-marketing lists, fax lists or email marketing lists. For example, some customers use the disc for telemarketing list creation purposes or for printing mail merged labels for mail-outs & direct marketing. Use the data as a research tool for small business creating a business plan to large corporations investigating market segments.

For the best way to look for new business and new customer prospects, the only place to turn to is the Australian Business Datalist, your trusted source for up-to-date marketing material for targeting new leads.


Business headings and ANZSIC classifications

The database has 2,522 unique business headings and 457 ANZSIC headings and codes. The business headings are grouped in alphabetic order and are similar to those found in a business telephone directory.

The ANZSIC headings are grouped by broad industry categories (e.g. mining, agriculture, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, financial services etc.). They are compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. More details about the ANZSIC scheme can be found here.